Discipleship Classes are an opportunity for individuals to grow deeper in their faith through a time of invested study of God’s Word with fellow believers. Learn more information about each class below!

Biblical Citizenship in Modern America

Led by: Keith Cox

Rendezvous with our Founding Fathers and learn more about their Biblical worldview, gaining valuable knowledge of our country’s Constitution, its “original intent,” and our role as Biblical citizens!

Book Cost: $15

Philippians: Rejoice in the Lord

Led by: Stan Hurst

Find your joy in the Lord, using the Book of Philippians as an entry point! As we walk through this study, we will continually be pointed back to the Joy of our salvation found only in Christ Jesus.

Book Cost: $15

4th-6th Grade Kids Class

Led by: Rachel Thomas
Located in Children's Department

Bible Drill encourages our older kids to learn verses, passages, and books of the Bible! Through games, songs, and other activities, Bible Drillers are empowered to hide God’s Word in their hearts. Our hope is that every child gains a greater love for and knowledge of God through His word!

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Kids Class

Led by: Stephanie Register
Located in Children's Department

Kids will learn how the Israelites’ journey proves that God providentially guides and cares for His people. Israel’s victory over Jericho and God giving His people the land show that God can and will perform miracles. And when the Israelites kept sinning and responding to God with disobedience, God showed that He takes sin seriously but also offers redemptive grace. Kids will be reminded of the One in whom all our hope lies: Jesus Christ.


Building on lessons they are learning in Sunday School, this class provides a separate discipleship experience for kids designed around the spiritual disciplines!

A Preschool Class

Led by: Kimmie McKee
Located in Preschool Department

While their parents learn more about God and His Word, preschoolers will be learning how to talk to God! They will grow to learn that when we pray, we are talking to God, just like they talk to their mommy and daddy. We can thank God for things he’s given us, ask him for help, and talk to him when we’re scared. 


During their class, little ones will learn that:

  • They can thank God for all the great things he has done for them.
  • They can ask God for help in every situation.
  • They can talk to God whenever they are afraid – he loves us and will help us not be afraid anymore.
  • They don’t just pray for themselves but for other people too.

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