College is one of the most transformative seasons of life. Students leave their safe youth group and venture into uncharted and unknown territory where they experience and are confronted with different beliefs, worldviews, cultures, and people. College students “explore” this new found land of experiences in the hopes that they’ll “find themselves”, “discover who they really are”, or “find their purpose in life.” In a nation where sin is not only tolerated but is promoted, young Christians need now more than ever to be grounded in their faith. They need to be equipped with the gospel. They need to be prepared to share their faith with students who hate the exclusivity of the Christian message, the gospel. Dalraida College hopes to help prepare young students for this new transition. Dalraida College exists to glorify God by growing mature disciples of Jesus Christ and equipping them to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ, to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:18-20).